Yharnna Dior Joseph Portfolio [email protected]
Yharnna Dior Joseph is a London based graphic designer who has a keen interest in Editorial, Branding identity design and illustrative arts.
Cultural Identity Crisis

Cultural Identity Crisis, was a branding project , which required you to create a brand Identity which represented diversity and art located within eight different cities across the UK, this project focuses specifically on Art in Manchester. Creative Connect is a platform for new artists , to help promote new art.
This Brand Identity reflects colour , creativity and art through it's vibrant and bold imagery , which has been used to communicate the idea of unity and creativity .

Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was an editorial based project moreover The Hubble Legacy , is a special edition book which has been made especially to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hubble Space telescope , showcasing all of Hubble's Key Achievements to date .
My designed theme is an abstract representation of all the different colour swatches that I collated from each of Hubble's key images.


This Project is based around the idea of racial insecurities , and how women often feel that they have to conceal their natural beauty , in order to conform to what society and the media portrays as ‘beautiful’.