As a designer, I am particularly interested in working with print medium as well as physical interactive pieces which encourage audience participation. My interest lies with exploring new possibilities lent by the combination of digital and analogue processes.

I've also experienced practising alongside other designers at Shucks Studio and Pentagram, studying abroad in Berlin, as well as undertaking freelance projects, workshops, and working on self–initiated projects. Through all these opportunities, I found ways of bringing together my other areas of creative interests including photography and dance into my practice as a designer.
Samuel Beckett Poster Series

This series of posters reflect the common theme in all of Beckett's four plays—inescapable loops of loneliness. The customised typeface is inspired by the characteristics of bitmap fonts—a typographic choice which typically doesn't find its place in a poster about Beckett. This juxtaposition of the typeface with its context reflects the underlying notion of absurdity in Beckett's plays.

Cycling Series—Installation

This is an investigation into the parallels and missing links between a series of photographs I took and local newspaper content.

Cycling Series is the reaction to a daily commute which encouraged me to search for moments which stand out from the banality of everyday life. What started as a hobby has expanded into a more extensive collection which I have translated into two outcomes:
1) research–driven archive piece plotting the relationships between the photographs, its location and time in relation to local newspaper archive.
2) installation which aims to emulate my experience while these photographs were taken—the experience of capturing these temporal moments.

Cycling Series—Publication

This is a self–initiated extension of the Cycling Series, a work–in–progress that is the first of a publication series. It investigates the relationship between the photographs which were taken digitally and how it can be translated onto print. It explores the physicality of a book through considering the editorial layout, selection of paper, and finishing.

Dylan Kendle Letterpress Workshop

This is an experimental piece which deconstructs a dance move called Pretzel. The movements are first plotted against a predefined grid, creating a visual order that is then disrupted by overlaying a secondary graphic—my reinterpretation of the initial composition. This is a visual representation of my process when first learning any dance move—learning the rules, then breaking them.

Made in Bristol

Made in Bristol is an identity proposal for a cultural art destination, a place of inclusivity for artists, designers, and everyone else with an interest in the creative industry. As such, I undertook this project with an emphasis on audience–led research. From making a decision about the choice of typeface down to minute details such as the selection of paper stocks, every aspect of this identity is a result of gathering feedback from the people around me.