Luca Bresolin is an Italian graphic designer currently based in between London and Zagreb.

His work mainly focuses on typography, editorial, print production but it also covers branding and art direction.
In the recent years he has been freelancing for studios in Milan and London.

Firmly believing that form follows function, Luca is driven by the attention to every aspect and detail of an outcome.
Mio Display

Mio is display typeface designed as the result of a personal investigation about the role of authorship, ownership, appropriation and distribution in type design.


Identity design based around the construction of a stencil typeface, characterised by the emphasis of the letterforms junction, specifically between perpendicolar and diagonal strokes.
The visual grammar and language of the brand adopts the usage of abstract geometric shapes, developed by sectioning the letterform junctions and their modular display.

The Divine Comedy

Self initiated project aimed at interpreting a classic piece of Italian literature within the field of visual writing.

Passion and practicality

Manifesto written and designed in collaboration with fellow student Karina Hristova.