Cultural Identity Crisis

A exhibition launching in Birmingham reflecting its culture and identity. The exhibition includes local artistes promoting art and design. This will contain semi-permanent collections drawn from a local and national output of the design & arts sectors. With the brand adapting to the environment of the venue.


Tasked to explain key aspects of the HST’s history / achievements to date, with the twenty-five year + history approaching us. This typeface was design to showcases all the service missions that where carried out by NASA. With the publication including detailed diagrams about the missions.

Beckett Posters

Tasked to design a series of four A1 posters to announce a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court. Considering how you can use type only, or type and image, to create a visually consistent series, These posters reflect different angels within the Royal Court and focussing of the audiences point of view to the main stage.

SIP — Type Design

The invention of the computer has massively changed the way we design, more specifically typography. This topic has inspired me to inveterate the means in which we design type and create one of my own. Focusing on motherboards and using methods such as Letterpress to explore its history and the traditional values of type. Gold to relate to a motherboard, type design and laser cutting. Also forcing on the time as a comparison between the two methods (hand rendered and digital) to discover the impact computers have had on the way we design type.