Gabriella Renka is a Hungarian creative who previously studied Fashion and Interior Design in Budapest and in the recent years practicing Graphic Design in London.

She specialises in experimenting with a wide variety of different mediums to bring her illustrations to life. Working with both physical materials and digital media, she enjoys developing artistic commentaries on her areas of interest: sustainability, social interaction, environmental design and mental health.
Collective Tendency

Collective Tendency is a paper craft set design which connects emotions and social media together through papers to represent the 6 basic human emotions.


This self-initiated project is an experimental papercraft creation, focusing on the two tallest buildings in London, UK, observing them by their shapes and functions using polygonal shapes.

Lastic Hero

This project was looking for a design solution that enables and encourages people to enjoy the benefits of making.
The outcome is a creative waste use application that focuses on recycled materials where the users share and discuss their waste use ideas in different levels.

MAPS branding

This self-initiated project is experimenting with sound in the matter of psychedelic medicine in neuroscience.

The project rebranded an association called Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies which is based in Santa Cruz, US. Its been studying the advantage of MDMA in psychotherapy and finding beneficial connections between MDMA and PTSD.

Andrew Feldmar is one of the members of the association who talks about the effectiveness of MDMA as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

To visualise the sound I used the first 10 seconds of Feldmar's speech and I created a shape of each second by measuring its sound level (dB) and frequency (Hz).