I've got an interest in experimental typography, publication design & video work. I like using rules & systems at the start of a project but often end up bending and breaking them ;-)
Photographs taken: 2011—2016

Approximately 2000 analogue 35mm photographs archived chronologically on the web. Select photos have been curated into 4 series of zines, packaged with information slips & stickers that sit alongside a typographic poster.

Can We Change The Graphic & Media Design Course?

Thesis publication that challenges the GMD course. A type based publication, rules are applied to paragraphs & block quotes that emphasise the negatives & positives of creative education.

Duration: 00-00-00—01-00-03

A short film about dyslexia & readability. Duration: 00-00-00—01-00-03 recreates the frustrations & struggles of reading whilst getting distracted by outside influence; namely tinnitus & overheard conversations. The video is packaged with a poster & DVD slip.

Lifeline Project / Lifeline Transform

Rebranding a local prison mentoring service for youth offenders. We were told that the prison only had access to a photocopier & an inkjet printer, therefore a photocopier was used to create textures & patterns. Layout was done by hand and a lot of cutting and sticking happened...

Samuel Beckett Season

A typographic approach to a brief with strict restrictions as to content included.