Vivian is a designer originally from Hong Kong.

She believes in appropriate design: design that is idea led, and that clearly communicates through the most successful medium. This design thinking leads to a range of multi-disciplinary outcomes. Her definition of a successful project is formed from three main components: in-depth research, a strong impactful concept and the overall aesthetic.
As far as hubble can see

25 iconic images taken by Hubble Space telescope are selected for the book. These images answer some of the most compelling astronomical questions of our time.

The book is wrapped with an inforgraphic poster showing the distance between the image to Earth. The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the farthest-ever view into the universe, peeking back 13.2 billion years into the universe’s past. The book jacket is separable for viewers to reference the images inside the book against data on the infographics. These 25 images are taken by five different Hubble instruments and categorised accordingly with different colours.

A selection of Ray Johnson's postal

The publication consists letters sent from Ray Johnson to his correspondents.

Johnson is an American artist and a significant figure for the mail art movement, he communicates with his correspondents through postal to organise meetings and set up exhibitions. The main idea of this publication is to reveal the history of mail art through his letters. Letters are interrupted within the book and allow viewers to open themselves.