Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer from London who has enjoyed developing new methodologies and design thinking throughout the course. He has a keen interest working in Branding and Information design across print and digital mediums.

During Chris' third year, he undertook LCC's Diploma in Professional Studies. He interned at a number of studios/companies in London including Rose Design, Turner Duckworth and Wallpaper*. In addition to this, Chris has experienced working with designers abroad, located in Baku, Azerbaijan and Bangkok, Thailand.

Throughout his final year, Chris has freelanced at BT Sport with fellow student Jack Sheppard – designing engaging content for the companies various social media feeds. In particular he has been involved with BT Sport's coverage of the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League campaign.
Perception of Time

We often perceive time differently to reality. This self-initiated project demonstrates the use information design to investigate people’s perception and their experience with time. Each individual were set to complete 3 matching tasks having no acknowledgement of how much time was given. This provides their perceived time within the experience.

The below videos highlight the individual's interaction of each task and a comparison between their perceived time and real time. This was also used to display the same information within a book format where size and depth represents their perceived time.

Bond Bristol

Bond is a multi-sited brand that aims to broaden the public understanding of both art and design. It connects with local communities and explores boundaries between the disciplines, how frequently they intersect and borrow language from one another.

The Bond experience is an engaging and inspiring one for all ages that have an interest in art and design.These experiences are at the heart of the Bond brand.

Hubble Space Telescope: Behind the picture

The Hubble Space Telescope’s launch in 1990 sped humanity to one of its greatest advances in that journey. Hubble is a telescope that orbits Earth positioning above the atmosphere. This distorts and blocks the light that reaches our planet which gives it a view of the universe that typically far surpasses ground-based telescopes.

‘Behind the picture’ went through a number of printed experiments to reflect Hubble's complex system in processing images from RGB colours. This has led to an installation concept that informs viewers the processing stage Hubble's undergoes. This will gather all the information taken from space and form a full colour image over time.