Singaporean designer based in London.

Particularly interested in editorial and typographic practice. Her work is strongly underpinned by a modern typographic approach and system of clarity and context. She also likes writing.
Grayi Typeface

An experimental geometric type system.

Underpinned by the study of the relationship between forms and counterforms in the Latin alphabet, Grayi comprises two typefaces—positive and negative.

Grayi Type Kit

An experimental geometric type system.

Grayi is a 3D experimental type kit. Using the modular shapes, the type kit allows users to create their own letterforms, counterforms, and other shapes. The Grayi type kit is an exploration into the possibility of creating a new alphabet, or a new language.

Samuel Beckett Poster Series

A poster series announcing a season of four plays by Samuel Beckett.

These typography–based posters interpret the notion of the absurdity present in Beckett's theatrical performances. His plays do not follow the traditional chronological order of storytelling, hence intentionally imposing on the audience's understanding. The same effect is replicated in these posters.

Also adapted for landscape display on screen.

Lifestyle Change Mentoring

Dynamic identity proposal for the Lifestyle Change Mentoring programme.

Lifestyle Change Mentoring is an initiative that provides young offenders the support to change their lifestyles and to reduce re–offending. Through a typographic–led approach, the proposed identity is constructed around the concept of how participants would engage and progress with the programme.