Samuel Beckett Season

This brief was to design a series of posters to advertise a short season of Samuel Beckett plays. Throughout the design stage, I focused on key themes within Beckett's plays, including repetition, dark and light, and cyclical. The imagery illustrates key objects within each of the plays which are all circular.

The posters have been designed so that the images join together to form repeating circles, subtly suggesting some of Beckett's themes. They needed to work well when presented as a complete series, as well as on their own.

Immersive Collections

I chose to work with a collection which belonged to my great, great grandfather. It consisted of photographs he had taken, programmes from operas and plays he was a part of and other sentimental ephemera.

My outcome combined items from within the collections, documenting them chronologically in an album to be reproduced and given to other members of the family. Alongside this, I produced a website to encourage my family members to upload photographs similar to those in my great, great grandfathers collection, and document their lives. To communicate this, I created USBs with information about the "project", and a link to the website, to be sent to each family member.