Graphic design graduate from the London College of Communication. London’s vast opportunities within the design field helped her to develop her personal and professional independence as a designer. In regards to her creations she equally enjoys working with traditional and digital techniques. To her, experimentation with different media, styles and methods is vital in order to be a great graphic designer. Meeting people and her surroundings are a key inspiration wherever she is.
Average Achievers

Campaign for a bootcamp for people that want to get onto reality TV but are not selected.
The campaign shows the cycle of a reality TV show, from entering the competition to testimonials from people from previous editions. Emphasising the notion of celebrity culture, the aim of the project is to point out how media manipulate viewers and contenstants into believing that being on televison equals with being a role model figure for society. The idea is to create a satirical response to curent viewer’s addiction to the fabircated representation of the real proposed by the media.

Great Gardening Day

The Great Green Wall is a giant wall of trees and plant-life, designed to halt the sands and bring life back to the area. The brief ask to promote the Great Green Wall and make it famous globally.

Creating a National Day called Great Gardening Day, dedicated to raise awareness about the project. A Great Green Bicycle will be placed on the day in emblematic parks in London, where people collect a kit with seeds, an informative leaflet as well as a tag that can be hung outside the door. For those using social media, by posting a picture with geotagged location on instagram with the hashtag #ggd and they will be added to an interactive map creating a Great Green Wall in their city. Once the time has come to harvest the plants, the participants can share what they have grown with their neighbours. One picture on instagram will be chosen and the winner will travel to one of the African countries to witness the development of the project.

Sound of Work

The project aims to create an experience that would enhance events or exhibitions. It combines sound and moving image to create an additional layer of depth to a body of work. Every discipline involves specific sounds that can be easily recognisable but forgotten when the final outcome is produced.

The idea comprises recording and sampling the sounds of a specific work discipline that can be anything ranging from print, to fashion, to furniture making...Accompanying the sound, will be produced a video illustrating in an abstract form the process from beginning to completion. In this manner a showcase of work will become an interactive exhibition.

Dingy Dalston

The project is investigating constructed realities particularly focusing on the area of Dalston. Dalston has been undergoing drastic changes through the past years and people as well as the media are projecting on the area a skewed vision of reality and slowly comercialising the area. Psychogeography was used, to investigate the area, its colours and textures. The final outcome is an alatar which is an object of rememberance and worship. The altar is do-it yourself where the person in its posession can assemble it using the sets made. The set are created through a photographic exploration and the colours, patterns and shapes are extracted from imagery. Since the “original” Dalston is disapearing, thanks to this altar people can still cherish its past characteristics.