interested in digital, moving image and interaction design. My work focuses on critical and practical enquiry and using the wellspring of knowledge found in traditional design to further push and evolve my own design practice.
SIP: Organic disruption/Digital perfection

This self initiated projects looked at the idea of combining organic motion like that of jellyfish with digital vector forms, Using the peppers ghost illusion I was able to bring these animations into a 3D space creating an immersive experience.

Major SIP: 6x6,4x4,2x2

This project is the culmination of research into image making processes both digital and print with further inspiration taken from the works of Bruno Munari,Karel Martens and Karl Gerstner. The end result is a pixel system reminiscent of half tone and a focus on texture and physical interaction found in the use of acrylic grids.

Industry response: What can we learn from history?

The brief for this project ask in regards to design history whether their are concepts/approaches that have stayed the same over time and if theirs anything we can learn from the past.Taking inspiration from the works of Dieter Rams,Erwin Braun & Naoto Fukasawa I created a set of modular boxes that display and celebrate the value of physical interaction. This outcome is a direct response to the internet of things (Hive,Nest and smart homes) and user interface design and the seemingly intangible touchscreen based future we seem to be heading towards.