A multidisciplinary designer interested in the power of visual imagery to amplify creative ideas and promote positive change. Previous experience includes Apple in California and Don’t Panic London.

Brutal Type

A self initiated project to explore the building blocks of brutalist architecture through space and form.

I created a 3D rendered letterforms based upon the unique and iconic shapes within brutal architectural structures. Designed for digital applications and environmental graphics.

Art, Oil and Nature

Investigate how oil, art and nature are linked in the current formation of institutional sponsorship. Create a campaign which motivates public pressure on the National Gallery to end its relationship with Shell.

Target Audience:
Art lovers and consumers of creative culture.

The Still Life campaign. Famous still life paintings from the National Gallery have been recreated covered in oil, illustrating the real effect oil spills have on our natural world. Online and offline assets spread the word of this awareness campaign by subverting the graphics of the National Gallery.

The Great Green Wall

Make The Great Green Wall Famous. Teach the Western world about the Great Green Wall (GGW), the African environmental initiative preventing desertification and Climate Change.

We’re going to spread the word about a BADASS new television series called The World’s Biggest Gardening Project. This campaign will employ non-tradition marketing techniques and will evoke humour and stylistic personality to guide our unsuspecting target audience onto the educational website.

This concept was selected by the UN to be developed into a live project.

Pride and Protest

An historical perspective on the graphic agitation in the gay rights movement between the 1960’s until the present day.

Screen printed cover illustrating a melting rainbow. This design references the ways that the rainbow flag symbol has been spread, appropriated and diluted by the masses, whilst remaining a vibrant and powerful reflection of the LGBT community.

Shades Of San Francisco

A graphic exploration of spirit of place.

A personal illustration project focusing upon the architecture and colour of San Francisco. This studio project was inspired by my thesis investigation and captures the prismatic presence of the rainbow flag in the city where the gay rights movement began.