my name is Beth Doherty and I am a recent graphic design graduate from the London College of Communication.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my final major projects.

Here is where you can find more of my work or you can click on the link above which will direct you to my new live portfolio!

If you would like to collaborate, have a closer look at my work and see even more please do not hesitate to email me via my email address stated at the top:

[email protected]


Thesis Responce

My Thesis was a exploration into surrealism.

My thesis response was an editorial outcome which narrated a surreal poem by Anton Artaud called the "Dark Poet". To re-tell the poem i used wire and abstract shadows which convey the conscious and unconscious, the reality a super-reality.

People Make Places

A social design project engaging with the locals of Elephant and Castle to share their memories and thoughts of the up and coming area.