Hello! I am a London born and trained Graphic designer. My designs are concept driven and exercise simplicity, craft and mark making. My work primarily involves identity, social and editorial design. I enjoy all aspects of the design process; but I am most passionate about idea generation and problem solving. You can check out some of my work below and see more on my website, please don't hesitate to get in touch!
Form Creative Hub

Brief: This open brief required me to create an identity for a cultural destination of my own making. The identity had to instill and promote a ‘mother’ community across all venues, but it needed to be adaptable enough to allow each venue to build a micro community. I chose to focus on UK city Nottingham, with the target audience being students.

Solution: I created Form, an international Creative Hub. Form is about different art & design disciplines coming together under one roof, with a strong focus on supporting local up and coming designers. The typeface I created was inspired by a Bank sighted in Nottingham, and emphasizes different shapes and forms coming together, with the use of different colours and patterns. The colours are sourced from well know local artists or designers from the given city, for example Form Nottingham colours are sourced from Nottingham born fashion designer Paul Smith.


Brief: A self initiated project stemming from research from my dissertation. I set myself the design challenge to shed light on gender issues in society, without using conventional campaign means such as photography, imagery and story telling.

Solution: A typographic and colour based teacher resource pack to shed light and spark debate about gender stereotypes. I only used Helvetica throughout, as it is a non-meaning and therefore non-gendered typeface. I created two lesson plans, and relevant resources, such as an interactive book, activity cards, and a poster. The identity stems from the use of gendered colours in society, and the fact that gender stereotypes box people in.

Samuel Beckett posters

Brief: Design a series of four A1 visually consistent posters to announce a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court Theatre.

Solution: Beckett’s plays rely upon a circular structure, and the natures of his plays are extremely repetitive and confusing. I created a series of mandalas using the individual play name and sourcing colours from significant objects within the related play. The mandalas represent the plays repetitive and circular nature, and also allow the viewer to make their own interpretation, much like Beckett’s plays.

Making it inclusive

Brief: Design a way to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of making. Making is what makes us human. It connects us to the world around us and provides an invaluable opportunity for self-expression.

Solution: Creatovate is a start-up, delivering making workshops in house for finance and corporate companies within their lunch hour. The key objective of Creatovate is to unleash the creative potential in all people, distress and unwind. The identity reflects the layering and making process, and different people with different abilities coming together. I held a workshop with LCC staff and it was a great success.