Carlotta Gallo Portfolio [email protected]
21 years old Graphic Design student at London College of Communication who came from Turin, Italy to experience life in the fascinating city of London. My main focus is on editorial design, posters and illustration. In my free time, I talk about art and fashion for Italian newspaper's website
High Street Tailoring Re-established

The tailor guide is my outcome for the RSA "Making it inclusive" brief.
Fast-fashion is shifting the attention on the quantity rather than the quality.
This project tries to influence the customers in buying hand-made products, focusing on the quality, the durability and the value of the skills of the maker. But where to find the best tailors in your zone and learn one of the most difficult and precise disciplines? My outcome tries to solve the problem and, focusing on the selected area, to bring the customers directly to the tailors, presenting their stories and, of course, their address.


InOrder is a product for sneakers' collectors. The A5 organizer comes with pre-made sheets to fill out, laser-cut partitions, set of stickers and a poster database to keep track of the collection. The set is linked to a digital app that helps the audience to complete each sheet and print it at home.
The identity has been shaped based on Nike colors and style since the product is meant to be sponsored by the brand.

Samuel Beckett Season

The four posters I designed for a fictional Samuel Beckett season of plays at the Royal Court Theatre. Mixing photography, collage and type I tried to reproduce the feeling of Beckett's plays through the posters. Distortion and absurdity are the main elements, as well as irony, represented by the bold striped line tracing each image.

The Future of Art

A package-invitation for an art event supported by Tate Moder. The aim of the event is involving young people in museums, by stimulating them to create new art and have it exhibited. Celebrating 100 years from Duchamp's Fountain in 2017, the project tries to create a new path in art, a new future.