I am a Graphic Designer and have just recently finished studying Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication. Throughout my time studying I have gained skills in branding, illustration, print making, 3D making, editorial, photography and typography. You can see examples of these skills here and on my website.
Cultural Identity Crisis

Cultural Identity Crisis was a branding project. I was required to design the identity of an art and design cultural destination.

Letterpress is not just letterpress

This project is from the Industry Practice Unit. I put together a series of letterpress experiments to display the tactility and tangibility you can get through using letterpress. I also wanted to show how far letterpress has come since it first began, and how the rules have changed.

Self Initiated Project

This self initiated project is all about Cymatics. Using water and light I was able to create visuals of sound. Where the patterns are small the music was slower and quieter. Where the patterns are bigger the music was faster and louder.