Riccardo Villella riccardovillella.com
Riccardo Villella is a London based Graphic Designer/Music Journalist specialising in editorial and poster design.
Samuel Beckett Seasons

A series of four A1 posters announcing a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court. Samuel Beckett's plays and his writing have strong themes of time, life, existentialism and how he believed time acted like a flat circle and everything was just an ‘endless cycle of our lives’. My research looked at singularity diagrams based around the 'beginning of time' and theories/maths equations based around the big bang. This research influenced the visual aesthetics of the four posters.


A project in which we were to 'triangulate' three themes. Taking 'symmetry, message and patterns' I took a hundred photos based around the 'rule of thirds' in photography with the theme of symmetry. I then placed these photos on a poster made up of nine A3 posters to create a pattern.

Space Hubble Telescope

A publication combining information and editorial design to explain the Hubble Space Telescope's key achievements to date. In this case a book on the Hubble Space Telescope's five servicing missions.