I'm a London based designer who works across many different disciplines including print design, photography, social design, illustration, branding and digital. I especially like working with colour and finding innovative ways to answer briefs and so as a result of this my work tends to be quite expressive. I'm a big believer in the story or meaning behind what i'm designing; be it a brand or illustration work.

Last year as part of my Diploma in Professional studies, I interned at Bauer Media and the small start up company Doodle Nest, I found through this experience that I love to learn new skills and to challenge myself with new experiences and ways or working.

Keats was a self set brief for one of my final major projects which concentrated on the relationship between storytelling and image. I wanted to tell the life story of the poet John Keats through exploring image. I originally began by creating flat collages from images but by the end of the project had progressed to creating 3D collages using fresh flowers with eventually progressed to a book. This project both explored image making, print, art direction and photography.


Fireside was a branding brief to design an identity for a new National art institution based in Edinburgh. I wanted to create a brand which felt inclusive and friendly which was based on strong colours and bold graphics. I firmly believe that art is for everyone, so I wanted to create a brand which would reach as many people as possible.


My Thesis was written on the Rise of Femvertising and it's effect on advertising, discussing how the debated emergence of fourth wave feminism within the UK has generated and influenced a public and internal response within the industry towards sexist attitudes in advertising, and how this response has influenced the creation of Femvertising.

The design concept was inspired by the cover of Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’, which was a central text for me when writing the thesis. I also really wanted the design to challenge classic feminine values so chose bold text and a very traditionally masculine colour pallet. I wanted to confront the perceived idea of what women are drawn to aesthetically within design, much like the ideas behind Femvertising.