Sin-Yue Cindy Kwok [email protected]
Sin-Yue Cindy Kwok is a graphic designer who specializes in visual identity, editorial design and information design.

She acquired her design knowledge and skills through design studies in London and Hong Kong. She learnt to explore a variety of materials, media and methodologies, and develop skills to provide strategic design solutions.
Samuel Beckett Season at The Royal Court

Students are asked to design a series of four A1 posters to announce a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court.

The final set of posters is produced with scanner and camera. Using a minimal approach, the set visualizes the theme of human existence and time and space.

Cultural Identity Crisis

Prime is an international bustling art event organizer to spark people’s art experience. It is a multi-sited brand that aims to broaden the public understanding of art.

The name, Prime is meaning the greatest significance and first-rate. Prime aims to hold qualified events to a new kind of art destination.

The logo of Prime is being developed into a flexible system for application.

Bizzarre Nausea Book Cover

After exploring the innate properties that different materials and mark-making contain, the book cover of Bizarre Nausea is finally produced with spray paint and papers.

A book to read in the London Underground

Synesthetic Experiments: A book to read in the London Underground includes 6 outcomes of synesthesia approach to the London Underground.

Connecting London with audio and visual, it hopes to give London commuters a sense of multisensory perceptual abilities to re-experience London.