I was born in Belgrade, grew up in Vienna and studied in London. During my studies I mainly focused on editorial and information design. My design approach is led by the nature of the content, allowing the content to direct the design of unique visual systems. The visual systems serve as a framework within which aesthetics can be manipulated and held together.
I have a big interest in the discourse around the politics of space in the city, which I examined in my thesis and my final major project "BG / БГ".

An exploration into the spaces of Belgrade and how personal memories and experience shape the ways in which we have the city and ourselves. Born out of a visual ethnographic study conducted in Belgrade as part of my written thesis.

Designing a Visual System

An abstract visualisation of the process of designing visual systems. The infographic model was informed from extensive research into the methodologies of designers, as well as abstract artists that have used systems in their work. Designed as an educational tool to clarify the process.

Peter and Jane: Through the Ages

A sequential film installation that imagines a fictional dialogue between the characters Peter and Jane during different periods in time.
This project was done as part of the project "Reimagining 100 years of Ladybird" and was displayed as part of an exhibition in London College of Communication during London Design Festival. Made in collaboration with Farahani Wan Badrul Hisham.

Politics and the English Language

A typographic project based on George Orwell's text "Politics and the English Language". The multiple newspaper covers were made in letterpress using a quote from the text. They were then stapled onto "Evening Standard" and placed around London, using the newspaper cover as a tool to promote the text.


Layout design for Eyesore magazine. A magazine looking into the everyday experiences that form the spaces of the built environment. Using this concept the design of the magazine was created to hint at space and what defines it through the use of icons which were personalised to each article in the magazine.