Samuel Beckett: four plays, four posters.

A series of posters inspired by Beckett’s interest in the failure of language and in the fragmentation of communication.
In the posters and in the plays, breaking language and breaking images function as similar metaphors.

Designing desires: roles and responsibility in graphic design practice

Good and bad, ethical and unethical, communication and deception; have all been elements of constant reflection while developing the thesis. The element of contrast has been therefore used as a visual reference and transposed into the design through the juxtaposition of white and red; the employment of disproportionate typographic elements and the use of bold images invading the text body.
The design aims to resonate the visual noise and the cluttered scenario discussed in the thesis. Overlaying elements have been employed as aesthetic decisions in order to emphasise this concept. Images are acquiring an introductory role in the thesis, illustrating the context of the debate.

Object, places: a portable set.

The brief required to develop a triangulation between three different elements or subjects of interest and an investigation of how these three are connected or disconnected. Materiality, immateriality and places have been selected as initial concepts to develop.

Using my personal experience as an expat as a starting point, it was my intention to question the meaning of the concept of home - how it relates to the materiality of objects and the immateriality of experiences, shared moments and memorabilia.
As a result, a portable set has been created, latitude and longitude of my home address in Italy have been printed, aiming to underline the paradoxical question which inspired the project: what is home?

By questioning the relationship that is established with, within and through places (and by questioning their meaning, function and significance); the conclusion is both a question
and a possible answer.

A portable set inherently linked to its point of origin, home.
Transportable to the place where implementation is needed – home.

Self Initiated Project

Women’s sexuality and genitalia are still widely stigmatized and a general taboo is covering this subject matter – with a drastic impact on women's mental and physical well-being.
A participatory installation has been designed aiming to make this issue more visible and potentially foster discussions and awareness about this topic.

A set of screen printed wood boards has been designed aiming to provoke the audience to open up a dialogue on the topic. The audience is invited to take an active part by engaging with the piece and expressing their opinion.