I am a graphic designer, looking for unique opportunities to utilise my skills as an effective creator and problem solver. As a designer, I value clarity and simplicity, but strive to create work that is playful and interesting, more so than austere. I believe simplicity goes a long way in design, especially in beautiful and effective design. My work is predominantly formed around traditional methods of printing, such as letterpress, lithography, screen-printing, bookbinding as well as digital projects, with aspirations in moving image.

No Numbers is a prototype guide to dyscalculia. The book introduces this practically unknown disorder to a wider audience. Visuals, such as photographs and illustrations express the difficulties people with dyscalculia have in their daily life and propose methods to challenge these issues.


Information / Exhibition Design – Hubble telescope taught human kind that we could navigate the universe in colour, as well as time. Therefore within this exhibition space you will be guided by colours. The hues of objects in the universe relate to distance and time. Red represents the furthest reaches of human vision, whereas, blue signifies approaching mass.


The brief asked to design a series of four theatrical posters to announce a short season of Samuel Beckett plays at the royal court theatre.
The typographic-photographic posters epitomise the light and shadow / life and death elements that are omnipresent in all four Beckett plays. The images were initially produced in the photography studio and processed digitally later. Printing the words on sheets of acetate and tracing paper and using a theatre spotlight created the shadows and overlays.


The brief asked to create a designed outcome that informs the viewer a certain aspect of a given colour. The two bars in the artwork represent the natural and the manual oxidation within a time frame of five hours. Primary objective was to demonstrate that copper does not oxidase naturally in five hours.