Johnny Bedini is a designer with a focus on print and problem solving. He has experience in branding with FigTree, advertising with JWT, communications with Design Bridge and event promotion with Noble People. He is currently Head of Design at Noble People, as well as working with many other clients on a freelance basis.
Samuel Beckett at the Royal Court Theatre

This project was an exercise in restriction, with a brief precisely specifying the size, written content and number of posters. I chose to combine digital and analogue methods, photographing, editing and composing inkjet printed posters then using a letterpress to print the information and title of each poster in metallic silver ink. I chose this method as it would allow the content to always be readable, as well as not dominating the image.

Tetrahedron / Good Country Index + Ideological Consistency Scale

A project exploring the triangulation of three randomly generated words; 'Family', 'Civil' and 'Impassion'. The first exploration (Brother, National, Heartfelt) led me to the Good Country Index, a rating system for the good a country does outside its borders. I then crossed this with other data to display correlations and insights. The second triangulation (Tribe, Political, Polarise) took me to the Ideological Consistency Scale, a study showing the increasing polarity between Republican and Democrat voters in the U.S.

Thesis Response / Movie Name Game

This project was a response to my thesis, 'Cracking The Quip: What Do Puns Teach Us About Ourselves?'. The thesis focused on the psychoanalytical aspects of punning and the joy of solving a riddle. I responded to this with a card game, the Romulus & Rebus Movie Name Game.