I believe to class myself as an individual of miscellaneous Skills and talent. An individual who is keen in visual communication, illustrative arts, branding Identity, abstract visuals, and much more within the realm of creativity. As a creative whose skilled in many areas, I *know* that I still have much to learn.
The Hubble Space Telescope

Explaining key aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope history & achievements to date. For myself, I made sure that It is mandatory that the modulation of content must be appropriate to this audience.

- This publication consists of 202 pages with 68 uniquely designed backgrounds all of which are purposely structured to resemble the size of space, as well as the element of passing through it (as you do when turning pages) -

Thesis Response

The aim of my thesis was to counter the ideology of what many people of the public have against Video Games with information which proves that Video Games are in fact, or rather, can be in fact a beneficial factor for us as well as our children. In our current involvement with life, struggles, diseases and most things we’re associated with which produce stress related factors; the negative perception of video games has become this ‘ideological’ belief of where it has suddenly become a thing of the mainstream. Through my research as well as experiences, I questioned what form of medium was most effective when passing such information around?

“Propose and produce a graphic media design outcome that further explores, tests and applies your thesis subject” – was the objective.

This here is my outcome:

'Your very own Newspaper/Magazine hybrid'

The Future

This project made it necessary that one needs to read a book called ‘The Future’ – by Al Gore in order to advance and extract segments of information (or data, rather) from 3 out of the 6 drivers. The objective was to design the information presented within the selected drivers. The drivers of which were selected by myself contained a relationship, some aspects may not have been obvious; from acknowledging the relationship between the 3 drivers, I then created and merged all sectors into one medium, thus giving it one entire window (primarily a panoramic setting). The official Size of each piece is an A1 made landscape (Originally all 4 pieces are aligned together in a panoramic setting to represent the connection of all chapters, and to present itself as if it were a motionographic user interface). I chose to implement elements of both information design and illustrative design to convert the ‘data heavy’ piece of information into a visual friendly piece; for those who find it difficult registering and understanding complex data, and for those who are used to working with, or at least understand such levels of complex data.

Industry Practice: The Lifeline Project

This is a ‘live’ project, running in collaboration with GMD alumni Alex Rose from Lifeline Transform Service. Alex set up a mentoring scheme for young offenders to support lifestyle change and reduce reoffending.

- Posters are Originally A1/A0; rescaled for presentation -