Originally from Switzerland, I moved to London six years ago to improve my english skills. Inspired by the diversity and creativity in London, I started my degree in graphic and media design at the London College of Communication. I enjoy experimenting with different methods and processes in my work. During my studies at LCC I have explored the field of typography, traditional printmaking and image making techniques such as mono printing, linocut, letterpress, screen printing, embossing, and foil stamp, as well as bookbinding and photography.
Samuel Beckett Season at The Royal Court

I was asked to design a series of four A1 posters to announce a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court. The aim was to create a visually consistent series, within which each poster in some way responds to the individual play it is announcing.

Thesis Response

This project is a visual response to my dissertation, that further explores, tests and applies my thesis subject.

The purpose of my research for the written thesis was to analyse in-depth whether physical and psychological violence against women during witch trials and persecutions in early modern Europe, was used as an instrument of control. The study is important, as violence against women is still an issue today, as is male-supremacy.

Therefor the focus of the visual response is on sexual violence and abuse against women in the present day . With every third woman globally experiencing sexual violence in her life, it is a important to speak up and raise attention to the subject.

Through the use of photography and statements collected from sociological sources, I aimed to give the viewer a critical and thought-provoking view on sexual abuse.

Process Books

In order to demonstrate the research undertaken for the three final projects, as well as the development of the ideas, I created process books to accompany my final outcomes. The visuals cover the process of the projects from research stage, to generating ideas, experimentation and designing the final pieces and through written captions I tried to evaluate my own work.