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Arabic Poetry I

As part of my self-initiated project I have studied classical homoerotic Arabic poetry.

Abu Nuwas (756–814) was one of the greatest classical Arabic poets. Being famous for his satire and mockery, Abu Nuwas was shocking society by openly writing about the controversial topics, including the male love.

Goodbye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin is the Soviet time badge collection of Frida Feldberg.

The badges presented in this book give an exceptional insight not only into the design aesthetics of that time, but into the realities and the ideals of the society of the Soviet Union.

All badges are printed in the real size and organised in the thematic chapters. Each chapter is titled after a famous brand slogan or another contemporary expresssion in order to suggest a link between the socialist past of the Eastern Block and the capitalism of today. For instance, a chapter on sports badges is titled Just Do It.

Arabic Poetry II

White plastic boxes 18.5x29.5 cm each, varied depth. Video tablets and LED lit prints.

Abu Nuwas (756–814)
In the Bath-house

In the bath-house, the mysteries hidden by trousers
Are revealed to you.

All becomes radiantly manifest. Feast your eyes without restraint!

You see handsome buttocks, shapely trim torsos,

You hear the guys whispering pious formulas
to one another
("God is Great!" "Praise be to God!")

Ah, what a palace of pleasure is the bath-house!

Even when the towel-bearers come in.
And spoil the fun a bit.