Serena Gan is a graphic designer that still values print media design. She delves in a lot of design research, experimentations and conceptual design. At the moment, she works on mostly branding, editorial and 3D work. She believes that design is a great tool for communication and aims to inspire change.
Acumen Moral Compass

What if there was a compass, which could help you visualise your past, present and future, at the same time, helping you make better financial decisions. With the Acumen compass, it is all about empowering users to understand the importance of time, money and balancing between it to help make better financial choices when it comes to spending or managing investments and finances.

The Curio Box

For the project Tetrahedron, the three words I’ve chosen is Cartography, Distraction and Topology. Using these three words, I responded with a white curio box using time perception and psychogeography as a way to guide users into being curious about our surroundings and the world with good distractions instead of assuming that we know everything.

Into Bristol

Into Bristol takes form as a cultural insituiton, but the brand itself can be applied to many different events. The brand Into has a feeling of being part of the community as it maginifies into Bristol and their great values. Into has a double meaning, as it also means passion in Finnish. In a way, the brand Into can play with different set of phrases and form. In this guide, it will explain on the logo, the alignment, guides, colours and how these are implemented into the various platforms, through printed and online matter.