Fascinated by gigantic fighting robots, fluffy cats, good food, and outer space.

Interested in publication, information, and interactive design. Had the pleasure of being part of Studio91, MINT Museum of Toys, and The Student Agency.
Jié Shì

Being bilingual, I've always wanted to create something with my other native language - Mandarin. After some exploration, I decided to create a little game meant for non-Mandarin speaking people who want a taste of just how insane this beautiful language is.

Emotional Receipts

Based on the collections of receipts I’ve collected over 2.5years in London, I’ve mde this publication dedicated to my parents with infographics of my expenditure. It shows both the qualitative and quantitative information that can be gleaned from simple receipts that are usually thrown away.

The publication features a reversible cover to reflect both qualitative and quantitative data, a ruler that shows the exact amount spent in pounds (as all the bars are at the same scale), as well as inserts on every spread that contrasts with the data visualised for each month.

Accompanying it is an interactive object proposed to be in my graduation show in London College of Communication. It features a mini thermal receipt printer which doesn’t print standard receipts but instead, collects the responses of people who tweet a specific hashtag with prompt questions related to expenditure.

Spaced Out

A series of zines celebrating the achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope. I decided to make some collectibles to go along with it in the form of little pin badges that abstractly expresses the biggest five achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope.