Shehzeen Shahid Khan Portfolio [email protected]
I am a Graphic Designer specialising in Typography, Visual Identity, Photography and have a passion for Print Making.

I love challenging myself and experimenting with new techniques and materials to develop better skills.

This project was about bringing light to the childhood game that I used to play. Children now a days are too invested in the latest technologies to appreciate the natural beauty and playing with other kids and socialising without technology. I wanted to put a light to that.
This Project was purely photography. I wanted to express my feelings through photography instead of explaining myself because photography is no doubt a universal language.

The Death Of A Star

this project revolved around the discoveries of the NASA Hubble space telescope. I wanted to create something that would give my audience a 3d experience of the images rather than just flat 2d therefore I made a hologram pyramid and video to demonstrate that.

Samuel Beckett -Plays

These are the posters that i designed for the plays of Samuel Beckett. It is what i depicted of the plays and how i wanted people to see it and keep them guessing.