Karina Hristova is a London-based graphic designer with a strong interest in print and editorial design. Her work is heavily based on the appreciation of visual subtlety, clarity and minimalism.
Essential Space

A publication on the topic of the use of emptiness in graphic design. Layouts are designed to visually represent the written text. Includes a fold-out tear-away A2 poster with a quote by Kenya Hara and a graphic composition, both alluding to the main ideas of the text.

Forming the Book

A publication exploring how the craft of bookbinding has formed the physicality of the modern book. Through curating a number of essays on the chosen topic and conducting interviews with modern print and binding specialists in mass-production and intricate hand-crafted bindings, this project also looks into how various binding techniques can enrich or change the meaning of the written word.

Passion and Practicality

This project was created as a collaboration with a fellow student, Luca Bresolin. We worked together to identify our working ethics and to produce a guide for our future selves. It takes the form of a fully authored by us publication with a complementing poster that serves as a quick introduction to the guide.