I am a graphic designer based in London specialising in branding, information design and illustration. My previous experience includes: Nonsense London, City AM, Bolter Design and TOAD London.

A brand identity project for a new cultural destination. The venues will be spread across England, so the brand was designed to be flexible allowing each location to have its own colour. The blocks are stacked on top of each other to visually represent the relationships between each city, the venue and the public.


A children’s picture book based around a Russian fairy tale about a little round bun that goes onto an adventure in a forest. Using a combination of print and digital techniques, I hand illustrated the picture book in a relaxed style that relates to a child's drawing.

The Hubble Space Telescope

A series of magazines about space that concentrate on the findings of the Hubble Space Telescope. Each magazine includes a rip out poster about the topic that the issue focuses on.