I am a graphics designer studied graphic and media design in LCC. I am passionate about branding and editorial design. I am interested in a variety of subjects, including branding design, photography, packaging and web design & development. Most of my work shows the appreciation of simplicity with a fresh atmosphere and various printing techniques. I enjoy doing communication design that brings different messages to the public and my projects have demonstrated this goal.
Cultural Identity

The mission of the project is to design the iden ty for a new kind of cultural destination. ‘BLANK’ is multi -sited brand aim to increase the public enjoyment and understanding of art & design. It is a platform, space, a community encouraging people get involved and interacted within the art industry.

Cultural identity

The idea of Trio is to combine showcase/gallery with a cafe.
Trio Cafe is a link between costumers and local designers. Trio - Providing space for designer to promote and sell their work.
Designers - Providing their artwork for Trio to use (Plus as a selling point for trio cafe)
Costumers - Enjoy a new dinning experiences and get communicate with art industry

Origami typography

Explore typography through origami