I'm a London based graphic designer with a strong interest in brand identity, editorial and digital design.

My main passion is the whole process of starting off with in depth research and developing a pathway towards visually exciting outcomes. I constantly aim to find a balance of pleasing aesthetics but also well thought out functionality in my work.
Making It Inclusive

Creativity is what makes us human. It connects us to the world around us and provides an invaluable opportunity for self expression. It is also a much-needed source of income. It has become especially important for refugees/immigrants to create a stable path to employability for themselves. In recent years, however, making has become something that is in terminal decline.

I created the campaign Maker in Transit which encourages a renewed appetite for handcrafted products and aims to bridge the gap between consumers and immigrants/refugees. It also encourages the benefits of making while also bridging the gap between consumer and seller.

The Future

The challenge of 'The Future' Brief was to design an identity for a summit called ‘The Future’ and to design information for three of the six conference days, themed around ‘Six Critical Drivers’ based on the book by Al Gore. I designed an information map and an information booklet, which enabled summit attendees to experience and receive information in a simple and tactile way.

I also designed an identity and created a promotional video to raise awareness for the summit, which encourages people to be part of global change.


This publication explores the triangulation of Genetics, Mutation and Typography.It presents these three themes in various different ways with a series of illustrations and pop up elements. I used the concept of plants as a common denominator to explain my findings and visual experiments.

Thesis Response

Branding and Identity for an Artisan Chocolate Brand.

I did a series of type tasting experiments to explore which design elements influence a consumer the most, and how a consumer perceives taste in relation to visual presentation in the food industry.