I'm a Liverpudlian designer who has been based in London for the past five years. My time at LCC, with it's rich heritage as London College of Printing, has led to a real appreciation of technical craftsmanship, bookbinding and traditional print processes within my graphic design work. I was also lucky enough to participate in the Diploma in Professional Studies year in industry, projects from the year can be found on my website.
3 Ghost Shops

Before embarking on my final major projects I was adamant that I wanted them to reflect the genuine enjoyment I’ve experienced when working within the specialist studios at LCC and I think this project really reflects this.

3 Ghost Shops is a series of three coptic bound books that contain experimental letterpress prints inspired by the ghost signage and history of three commercial addresses in Walworth, South London.

Thesis: How does design contribute to the experience of a branded fashion space and what are the effects of this on consumer society?

My thesis explored how design contributes to the experience of a branded fashion space. Through analysis of the historical case study, Biba, and two more recent case studies of Anthropologie and Louis Vuitton, in close relation to the theoretical discourse surrounding the subject, this thesis evaluates if, and how designed branded fashion experiences contribute to consumer society.

For the first time, students were asked to also consider the design of their thesis in relation to their subject matter. I chose to design a packaging for my thesis in a manner that reflected the experience of opening a luxury fashion item, creating my own monogram, experimenting with tactile materials and laser cut techniques.

My thesis can be found displayed in the reading area of the 'Thesis in Form' exhibition.

Samuel Beckett Poster Series

A series of A1 photogram posters inspired by the often bleak and tragicomic plays of Samuel Beckett.