Lisa Ly is a London based graphic designer who is interested in editorial design, illustration and print medium. She enjoys collaboration work and believes that the design process is just as important as the final outcome. Her current work explores and focuses within the areas of animation, branding and 3D modelling.

The Great Green Wall

The Sahara desert is expanding, affecting millions of people across
its southern border. The Great Green Wall is a giant wall of trees and plant-life, 15 km deep and 8,000 kilometers across, designed to halt the sands and bring life back to the area.

The aim is to make the Great Green Wall famous globally. This is achieved through the project of bringing the Great Green Wall to London by the combination of an interactive experience and an animation targeted at school children.

Birmingham Prime Festival: Branding Identity

A dynamic identity for the new and upcoming Birmingham Prime Festival which aims to broaden the public understanding of both art and design. It is unique to the chosen location and will expand to other cities in future.

Motto: Capture, Create, Inspire

Design By Nature: Tropism 'Take Shelter'

A collaborative project which explores nature and its positive impact on the built environment and human wellbeing. The multi-functional conceptual design 'Take Shelter' placed in parks was designed through the consideration of this location. Many of the ideas and design inspirations derived from characteristics and the functionality of nature.