I am a London based graphic designer, who is passionate about branding, editorial design, typography and printmaking.

For more of my work, please have a look at my website.
Exploring Alzheimer’s

This book depicts words and ideas from a series of conversations with a 81 year old woman living with Alzheimer’s.
Through typographic experiments, I have tried to visualise what Alzheimer’s looks like. The design of this book represents her thinking process through patterns, imagery, blank spaces, sewing experiments and type.

Process Book

My research document where explore various typographic layouts alongside imagery to record the process and findings for my exploring Dementia book.

Beckett Posters

I designed a series of A1 posters for the Royal Court Theatre for the play writer Samuel Beckett. My designs are developed from photograms, which were converted into scans, that I was able to create a constant tonal shadow throughout the series, designed to work alongside type.

Making It Inclusive

Based on the statics that 50 % of school children in the recent years are not taking design technology subjects as a GCSE, due to the change in the national curriculum.
I created DIY educational starter packs, called ReMake based on design technology subjects for year 9 & 10 students.
Each pack contains a project that will help imitate what the subject is like in the ‘real world’. The aim is to encourage and inform the next potential generation of designers to start early and choose DT as a GCSE.
(Subjects included in the series: Graphic Design, Food Tech, Fashion & Textiles & Resistant Materials)

Thesis Design

My final thesis on based on how UX/ UI design has shaped the digital culture of today, designed in a form of a touch interface.