Jack Sheppard is a Graphic Designer from West London, he was named after the notorious 18th-century rogue.

Jack has a keen interest in working with both Typography and Photography across Editorial and Digital Design. In particular he enjoys working on projects that link to the worlds of Music, Sport or Fashion.

Jack took part in LCC's Diploma in Professional studies year, where he interned at Bauer Media. During this time he assisted with the design of KISS FM UK's website.

For the past year, Jack has freelanced at BT Sport with fellow student Chris Ong. Together they have played a key role in designing engaging content for the companies various social media feeds. In particular they have been involved with BT Sport's coverage of the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League campaign.
Immersive Collections – What's The Point

This project looked into the advertising campaigns behind C&A's 1980's Menswear Collections.

15 randomly selected adverts from this collection were reduced to pointillist pieces of art. This was done as a means of bringing attention to the forgotten colour palettes of 80's fashion.

Tetrahedron – Minimalism, Texture and Menswear

This project is a reaction against the clichéd, heavily posed formulae of the Fashion Lookbook.

Instead, it experiments with teasing a new collection through intimate and abstract photography. Creating an unnerving narrative that puts the viewer in the position of a voyeur.

Life's A Glitch

This project utilises a glitch aesthetic in order to raise awareness about the difficulties encountered when living with Dyslexia, a condition which can often make life confusing.