Hi, I am highly motivated a passionate recent graduate graphic designer. I have an international perspective as a result of studying and working across Europe and Asia. I find this give me a wide understanding of global markets and culture.

I believe design not only has a role in ornamenting but also
it can be used as effective solutions for certain issues.
Light Big Bang

Light Big Bang exhibition displays Hubble telescope’s photos of galaxies. There are three differently coloured light wavelengths, captured independently with time intervals that are combined together at the end, creating a single image. Each of the photos follow this process. I perceptualised the process of making a whole by combining each of the components as somewhat similar to 'Big Bang'.


Moss book

Different coloured papers show different types of light and humidity, which create different amounts of mosses. When you open the book totally it becomes a tree. The dark side of tree shows moss, which is north side. It will pleasure the audience by making them to sense such small details of mosses with making use of different sensations such as vision and touch.


Lifeline project

Lifeline mentoring service is for gang-related young prisoners in jail settings in London.

Based on research findings, prisoners tend to identify themselves in group settings with other prisoners’ existence.

This project aims to change this by suggesting a new way to establish their identifications. The lines which become thicker demonstrate rises in their identity strength as an independent individual, as a result of completing each stages.

A simple and bold style of language was used throughout to promote attention. Also, the project is entirely based on Microsoft word which ensures an easy access to all Lifeline staffs.


Samuel Beckett's four posters

Each play’s symbolic pictogram targets to attract of the Beckett’s play to young people. Beckett’s keyword “Theatre of the Absurd” is portrayed in the posters by not providing clear boundaries between the play titles and pictograms.