I am ambitious in graphic, social media and exhibition relevance fields. Having a professional and confident demeanour and strong communication with people.
Cultural Identity Crisis

Branding for Be Part, which is an international urban culture of art festival. The event embraces contemporary creativity through
an extensive programme of inspirational conferences, experimental workshops and performances by relevant individuals and studios from the most diverse creative areas.

Thesis Response - Music Visualisation

People refer to visual music as “Colour Music”.The famous musician Edward Maryon once said: “The sound is an audible colour, colour is a visible voice.”

This project is showing the process of creating a new visual communication between music and visuals. Focusing on how is the visual helps people to better understand the music, or other way around. To achieve this purpose I was set up a questionnaire for people to fill in, and designed a series poster and CD cover basing on their anwsers.

Immersive Collection

Designing for a Chinese antique ink box collection and creating
a set of exhibition applications, which including collection book and posters and so on.The collection book which not only require the layout and edit skill, also hand bind the book, with a special book sleeve design.