Designer interested in typography, print and identity design. Previous internships – Pentagram, Apple, DIA Brands, Otherway and Brand Union.
Unit, art and design centre

A cultural identity project for a new art and design institution that will expand across different city locations. The identity had to be fluid and consist of distinct core elements that make up a flexible identity that can be applied across multiple applications.

Samuel Beckett Play series

A series of four posters that follow a graphic system and identity for four Samuel Beckett plays at the Royal Court Theatre. Inspired by the motifs of modernist literature, fragmentation of reality and distortions of time.

Cosmic Spectrum Formula

According to the Hubble Telescope CANDELS survey, the universe began young and blue, and grew gradually redder as the population of evolved ‘red’ stars accumulated. The rate of formation of new stars has declined precipitously in the last 6 billion years due to the decline in reserves of interstellar gas for forming new stars.

As the star-formation rate continues to decline and more stars become red with age the colour of the Universe will become redder and redder. Eventually all stars will disappear and nothing will be left but black holes. These too will eventually evaporate via the Hawking process and nothing will be left except for old light, which will itself redden as the Universe expands forever.

This is a sample of data from the CANDELS survey catagorising 300 galaxies to simulate the relationship between cosmic colour and time.