I am 24 years old and originally from London. I'm passionate about typography - with an emphasis on editorial design, information design and branding - and thrive when outcomes are typographically led.

Throughout my time at LCC I've become efficient at problem solving. For instance using the various limitations found within any given brief to my advantage, and even allowing them to influence the look and feel of the final outcome.

Internships: Man About Town magazine (A/W 15) + Goodhood Studio
Industry Practice: Lifestyle Change Mentoring Service

To rebrand a mentoring service held at HM Prison Wandsworth. Throughout the whole design process it was essential to keep in mind the many limitations set within the brief. Such as there being virtually no budget, prisoners generally having low literacy skills and for all artwork to be reproduced using basic equipment such as photocopiers and staplers etc.

Self Initiated Project: Robin Hood Gardens Campaign

Robin Hood Gardens is an infamous Brutalist housing estate in Poplar, London that is currently in a state of limbo. There is an ongoing campaign to grant the building(s) as Grade II listed in order to prevent them from being demolished and replaced. I designed a piece of printed matter to visually support the campaign and to further raise awareness.

The format of the publication is a concertina which reflects the shape of the buildings, printed using two spot colours which were also inspired by the colour palette found within the estate.

(Accompanying Process Book also shown)

Final Major Projects: Process Book

To accompany every project we were required to submit process books to demonstrate our initial ideas, inspiration, iteration, reflection and so on. For the Final Major Projects I created one large(ish) publication with all three projects found within. I used a complex grid to provide structure and flexibility, in order to prevent all 78 pages from being repetitive.

Self Initiated Project: UEFA Euro 16 Wallchart

For the UEFA Euro 2016 championship I designed an infographic wallchart for users to fill in as the tournament progresses. The outcome is intended for design savvy football fans - as opposed to the mass produced free inserts found within newspapers etc.

(Edition of 25, printed using three spot colours loosely inspired by the French flag)