Ellyn Ronchetti [email protected]
I predominantly work with and am interested in 3D design, whilst also being interested in layout and editorial design. I am passionate about being able to work with a physical piece and if I can be very hands on with the work I am very happy.
Immersive Collections: West German Stamps 1960 - 1970

The aim of this project is to explore an intricate and very extensive complete collection of West German Stamps, the collection beginning in 1949 and extending through to 2009 and beyond. Through narrowing down the collection and focusing on stamps created between 1960 and 1970, I was able to identify the origin of each individual stamp, and the historical story behind the creation of each one. In the process uncovering an intricate and extensive history dating back 1000 years. Finally, uncovering the origin of each individual stamp and mapping their journey from their place of origin within West Germany, to their residing location here in the United Kingdom in the present day.