Beatrice Cindal Giovannini [email protected]
Ladybird Books Reimagined exhibition

Ladybird Books Reimagined is an exhibition that gives an unexpected and contemporary perspective on Ladybird Books as part it’s centenary celebrations. Students from across the School of Design at London College of Communication have collaborated to produce objects, images, animations and interactive pieces that celebrate and reinterpret the classic, pocket-sized books.
I developed this project with Thiery Nahayo and Jennika Sapigao. Our project is a physical and cognitive puzzle game that utilises cropped images from the ladybird archives in the theme of faces.
Against a given time, players of two opposing teams have the freedom to create their own face by juxtaposing the images following a design system. The team with the most interesting face wins!

Great Geen Wall

The aim of the Great Green Wall initiative is to “green” the continent. It aims at tackling poverty and the degradation of soils from west to east in order to battle desertification focusing on a strip of land from Dakar to Djibouti.

The aim of my installation is to convey The Great Green Wall initiative effectively and compellingly to a wide audience. The giant Cubes grab the attention and the stand informs. The idea is to de-contextualize both elements (of what) from their natural environment in order to convey an awareness about the project. The sand represents the present and the tragic future if mankind does not take action.

The intervention informs and engages the local communities living and working in the city, while at the same time grabbing the attention of a wider audience made of tourists and travellers. They will then be able to spread the message even further through personal communication and social network.

Child Labour posters

Fabric and wire are the most essential material in the cloth making industry and I therefore decided to realise my campaign by developing a series of posters using these two components.
I decided to hand sew each quote into a piece of fabric to emphasize the idea of the actual work which goes into the creation of a piece of cloths which often is sold for a tiny amount in our western shops. The posters explain what is being taking away from those kids that are forced to work for very little in this industry in the poorer countries of the world. Kids are meant to play and wear cloths