I am a hands-on designer so if I can sew, bind, draw etc i'm happy! I like looking into the psychology of design and how we as designers can influence the way people think about and interact with a piece of design.

A conceptual exploration of whether time spent on a piece of design has any correlation to it's importance. I looked at emergency signs; important pieces of design that are often overlooked on a day to day basis, and looked at how I could elevate their status to match their importance. I used the time consuming technique of hand embroidery to recreate three signs, which uses stitches to make the time spent visible to the viewer. The result is an object that looks to enhance it's importance through it's materials and process, yet still retains it's basic function.


Taking a collection of photographs i'd bought that consisted of an unknown woman's personal photos, I explored ways in which an outside viewer could impose ideas and stories onto them. I created six fictional narratives from the photos and turned them into a series of booklets, allowing the viewers to decide for themselves which, if any, of the narratives are true.