I am a London based Graphic Designer and Illustrator, who just finished his BA (Hons) 'Graphic and Media Design' at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. In September I am going to start my MA in 'Illustration and Visual Media'.
I enjoy illustrating, print making and all sorts of visual mark making and I am capable of using the Adobe Creative suites.
Apart from my design work, I am interested in fine arts and music, which often takes influence on my design approaches and process.
Hubble Space Telescope

This project is about editorial folding pieces for the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary. The pieces are DinA3 sized, each showing a different aspect of Hubble and form into a 3D map. Every space image is self-generated with textures, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition I created four DinA2 posters.

Immersive Collection/ Self-Initiated Project

This is a self-initiated and experimental-illustration based project, that focusses around the collection of the Hunterian Museum inside the Royal College of Surgeons. The idea is about creating an own collection about a collection with the visual means of illustration, bringing these back into the graphic and editorial context.

Samuel Beckett Poster Series

The project is about creating four DinA1 poster design series for four plays by Samuel Beckett. I worked with hand-cut collages as a methology as the abstract and expressiveness of this medium fits Beckett's metaphoric and abstract way of writing.

Graphic Aspiration

The Graphic Aspiration project explores an identity, which is purely based on the exploration of the principle of ORDER and DISORDER at the same time. Experimentation, relief printing and mark making generated a visual basis, which was used to create a branding identity that includes logos, colour schemes, packaging design, DinA4 and DinA3 fine art prints, three t-shirts, a folding poster and a booklet.

Process Book

This book shows my process for the projects Immersive Collection/ SIP, Hubble Space Telescope and Samuel Beckett Posters.