Damion Robinson is a London based graphic designer interested in print, typography, digital, and identity design.

On his time on the Graphic & Media Design course, he had gain numerous work experience, in addition to his industry practice year Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS).

Hubble Space Exhibition

The Hubble exhibition is designed to celebrate Hubble’s 25th anniversary since launched. The exhibition was designed focusing on a recent event that occurred on the 11th of December 2015. This exhibition is designed to create a linear journey with multiple interactive environments; in addition to the booklets, insert, posters and typeface.

The Future

Identity & Information design for a submit; theme the critical drivers of global change, influenced by Al Gore's book The Future. Three chapters were chosen to demonstrate the convergence and interaction of the "Six Global Drivers Of Change".

Every 20 years the human population increases by 2 billion, the increasing population creates an increase in consumption of technologies and medical advances. This wall chart illustrates the convergence and interaction of the three increases.

An identity was derived from the information accompanied by a hand drew logotype; designed and placed together into a guideline for the submit.

Cultural Identity Crisis

Cultural Identity Crisis is a branding and identity design project, made to represent the cultural diversity of art and design located in eight cities across the UK. This brand Identity aims to communicate that diversity in multiple ways; using shapes, colours and images to strengthen the voice and tone of the art & design sceneries in the cities.