Vaida Klimaviciute Portfolio [email protected]
A graphic designer and explorer who finds inspiration in a daily routine and chaos.

My strengths lie in analogue and classic forms of design, such as cutting, printing, and collage. I also enjoy using photography in my work as it is a strong and popular form of media which appeals to a wide demographic. My design style is illustrative, hands on and playful and I enjoy creating physical 3D objects. Through the creative process I am always learning new techniques by exploring different materials and textures. This allows me to develop a wide range of skills which I hope to apply in a professional environment.
Three Ways of Travelling

The key of this project was to select any three areas, analyse and find connections that would link them in challenging ways.
A subject of investigation was a visual perception while travelling in three different ways: by walking, by bus and by train. The interest of the project was on the visual stimuli while in motion and how this creates meaning.

Different means of travelling the same route was chosen in order to explore the visual diaries of everyday journeys that usually get ignored as being monotonic and unimportant.

How Sweet

With this project I was exploring the aspects of the sugar collection. The main task was to investigate the visuals and translate the findings into imaginative forms. Since I never saw myself as a professional collector, this project enabled me to analyse the collection in depth and bring it to another level.

The Black Hole

This project provided an opportunity to participate in celebrating the 25 years anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. It was an editorial/information design project requiring to consider a target audience and selecting the most appropriate media. Black hole has been chosen as a theme topic to explain and highlight main facts and discoveries throughout the years of research.

Make it Inclusive

The task for the brief was to design a way enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of making. My design solution was a paper game - which encourages people to enjoy the process of making and reminds them that as human beings we are thinking through making. Moreover, the concept of the game manifests that everybody is creative.

Figures of Folk

This project was collaboration between the museum of british folklore, the archive research centre (parc) and the UAL photography for the Green Week exhibition 2015 at the London College of Communication. Posters' design was inspired by the original wooden dolls and artefacts provided by the museum.