London based designer with a keen interest in typography, print and editorial design. Previous experience at Pentagram, Monocle Magazine and Laurence King Publishing.
Samuel Beckett Season

A series of four A1 posters that announce a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court Theatre. The visual identity revolves around the similar structuring of Beckett's plays with each poster distorting the grid differently to reflect key themes of each play.

Garden Cities to New Towns

A self initiated project exploring how Ebenezer Howard's utopian ideals led to his Garden City Movement paving the way for modern town planning. Taking influence from Howard’s original geometric architectural drawings, this book uses abstract visuals to compare the similarities between Garden Cities and the subsequent New Towns they influenced.

Lifestyle Mentoring

A live project set by the Lifeline Transform Service to brand a mentoring scheme for young offenders to support lifestyle change and reduce reoffending. The 5 different radial halftones link to each of the stages of the programme. As the participant progresses through the mentoring scheme, the pixels within the halftones increases. This reflects how the participants' goals are becoming clearer and more accessible.