Cecilia Franchi Portfolio [email protected]
Hubble's Galaxies

Series of Zines designed to celebrate the 25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope.
The Galaxies' pics are printed using the process of photo etching with solar plate. The information and contents are ink transferred on grey sugar paper. A modular typeface has been created in order to develop a coherent visual language within the zines.
Each zines, six in total, has been designed and printed in different paper sizes in order to maintain the same scale for all the galaxies.

Samuel Beckett at the Royal Court Theatre

Series of poster designed for a fictional season of Beckett's plays. Screen printed and embossed.


Self initiated project based on data collection gathered from the most private of the sources, my own body. After having gathered and analyzed different data the focus has been moved in to drugs and medicines I've been taken during the length of the project. What came out is iStash my personal stash of drugs collected in a big plastic book. Each page has been made out of white vacuum formed plastic, in order to resemble the aesthetic of medical packaging. For the binding has been used dental floss as thread and the technique was single sheet coptic stitch. Finally a silver embossed band made of mylar keep the book close.